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Good GPA and Conservative Perception

Numerous students have been familiar with the statements “the better your GPA, the bigger your salary” or “your GPA determines your future”. Many are influenced by this opinion, besides many also resist to this traditional view. But does GPA really determine your occupation or the amount of your salary after graduation? This question frequently arose whenever I heard those statements.

GPA has recently become something precious for countless students. This circumstance is, in contrast, augmented by a viewpoint that GPA constitutes determinant of our future. If we could acquire bachelor degree perfected with fabulous GPA, the opportunity to work for the government or foreign enterprise become broader. This means our future and upcoming living would be more warranted due to a large amount of our monthly salary and incentives we gain.

Spurred by this condition, many are thus obsessed to acquire excellent GPA, no matter the ways they used are honest or deceitful. They set up their perception to be more GPA-oriented person. They study tirelessly. Nights before the exam, they usually waste the time for studying or memorizing the material, although they often don’t comprehend the material. Notes in a piece of paper and cheating consequently turn into common situations generally happened in the examination.

“I usually make notes in small pieces of paper that I’ve prepared a night prior to the exam. I used them whenever I began getting bewildered,” a student of English Department told me.

“No, I don’t like cheating because the jeopardy is higher than making notes,” he answered when I asked whether or not he liked cheating.

Then what is the outcome? Many graduates, even those who obtained outstanding GPA, still find difficulties and enormous challenges to compete in career sphere and become unemployed hitherto. These unprecedented circumstances eventually coerced them to toil in a field irrelevant with subject or specialty they took in university.

“I graduated with GPA of 3.1. But, I don’t know why all enterprises I applied for frequently rejected me in interview section with various reasons,” said Rizky, a bachelor of English Department of Airlangga University. “I feel that GPA is not required any longer in job interview. GPA is only requirement for your application to be acceptable to the next phase, but not in interview phase,” he added.

Moreover, this apprehensive situation has, in general, triggered unemployment rate which amplified in recent years due to the lack of dexterous graduates and escalating number of unskilled bachelors.

This fact has frankly proven us the imprecision of conservative perception which many students uphold that GPA doesn’t determine our occupation or the amount of our salary. Ultimately, the most appropriate statement about GPA, in my opinion, is “the more skillful you are, the bigger your salary” or “your dexterity and competence determine your future”.

August 25, 2011

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